[Laser Cutting Video] [Laser Cutting Video] LASER CUTTING Our new state of the art high speed laser cutter has 4400 watts of power for cutting up to 3/4" steel and a 60"x120" sheet capacity.
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[Bending Video] [Bending Video] BENDING Accurate and consistent bends on our cutting edge Bystronic CNC pressbrake with 220 tons, 161" of bending length and extensive Wila™ tooling.
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[Engineering] [Engineering] ENGINEERING We offer design support with Solidworks™ CAD software for both 2D drawings and 3D models.
[Machining] [Machining] MACHINING Manual turning, milling, drilling, cutting
[Welding] [Welding] WELDING TIG, MIG, submerged arc and spot for steel, stainless steel or aluminum for all your welding needs.