Our primary focus is on aluminum, steel and stainless steel sheet metal and light plate fabrication centered around laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and manual machining.

Forklifts with capacity up to 30000lb and 7000 square feet of shop space allow us to handle some large and bulky projects as well as small precision parts

LASER CUTTING Our laser cutter is a Swiss made Bystronic™ model Byspeed 3015 and has the following features:

The very high positioning and cutting speed translates to high part output per hour which means competitive pricing for our customers.

BENDING To compliment our top of the line laser cutter, we also have a top of the line CNC pressbrake. Also from Bystronic™, our Beyeler PR200 pressbrake features:

These high end features enable us to provide accurate and very consistent bends throughout an entire production run, from the first to last bend, without material or temperature variations impacting bend accuracy.

WELDING For those assemblies that require it, we have a fully equipped welding shop. We have XXXX amp mig welders for welding steel and stainless with flux core and for aluminum, we have a push/pull setup. For light gauge material we have a resistance spot welder and for cosmetic stainless or aluminum, a well equipped TIG setup.

MACHINING To round out out fabrication capabilites, LaserWest Fabricators has a manual lathe, knee mill, boring mill, radial drill well suited for low quantity medium sized custom machined parts.

ENGINEERING Solidworks™ 3D CAD software and Bystronic cutting and bending software combine with our years of fabrication experience to enable us to handle almost any project from a simple bracket to marine rudder systems or custom machinery. Our unfolding software allows us to import raw 3D solid files, apply bend allowances and radii, unfold and generate a laser profile. This allows us to use your models without without having to manually redraw them in Solidworks™ or our profiling software, thus reducing the chance of mistakes being made or revisions being missed.

If you need assistance with taking a project from concept to final design, or need shop drawings made, we can help. We can accept and produce almost any file format needed for manufacturing. (Autocad .dxf .dwg, Solidworks native files, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES and others)